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Jul, 2020
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Welcome to Chateau Raysse

An informal Twelfth-Century Rustic Castle of romance and charm suitable for weddings and impressing adjacent three lodgings: the Chateau, Maison du Parc and Pigeonnier

Our enchanted Dordogne castle

In Arcadian Périgord, guarding the Dordogne Valley close to the gorgeous famous River, in the South West of France, Chateau Raysse is a resplendent Mediaeval chateau constructed in the twelfth and seventeenth centuries. The ancient estate of 12 hectares comprises three main rental properties and two swimming pools. The Chateau itself comprises three living rooms and seven bedrooms. The charming estate includes two other rental properties, La Maison Du Parc, a converted annexe sleeping 18 people and Le Pigeonnier, a reworked pigeon house that sleeps up to five.

Chateau Raysse emerges from 20 acres of meadows, centennial trees and wilderness. Shallow sunshine shards dapple secluded spots in the expansive gardens and desultory walks snake through the woods.Children love our animals.

We have several gambolling deer, a bossy donkeys – Vanille  – and two quizzical sheep – Esmeralda and Quasimodo.

The estate offers two swimming pools, a steam room, a secure trampoline and (in the Maison du Parc) a full-size snooker table. There is a range of activities to choose near the estate, including canoeing, golf, a zip-line obstacle course, a water park (in July and August) and horse-riding.

Our History dates back to 1155

The castle’s tower was laid in the middle of the twelfth century for the Raysse family, allies of the French Aquitaine duchy which was unpatriotically siding with Eleanor and her English husband Richard the Lionheart against the French king Louis VII. The body of the Chateau was built at the end of the religious wars (about 1690).The overlayings of history interweave the fibrous cultural interstices of Chateau Raysse in this ancient land, the Perigord, which is the birthplace of modern (Cro Magnon) man.


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The Chateau

La Maison Du Parc

The Pigeonnier

The Grounds

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